Mobile Media and Entertainment – How to Keep Up With the Latest Media Trends

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The media industry is one which is directly influenced by the latest technological advances and trends. Though the media itself may not change very much, the way that people choose to receive it is changing constantly. One very good example is how people keep up to date with the latest news. 10 years ago the vast majority of people kept up to date either by watching the television or by reading a newspaper. Since the growth of the internet people have since started to use this as a way of reading or watching the news. Due to its convenience and functionality, this trend is likely to continue.

One way that this trend is likely to change is the way that people use the internet itself. Recently we have seen a switch start to take place. People have always used their office and home computers to use the internet. A few years ago this changed slightly with the widespread use of laptops and wireless networking. This trend enabled people to keep up to date with the news wherever they were, but it still had its limitations. To use a wireless network in a public place is often a hassle. To get out a bulky laptop you really need a table, and ideally, a power source. This made the number of places that you could reasonably connect fairly limited.

The latest trend is for people to use even more mobile devices to stay connected. This has meant that people either use small net-books to use the internet, or even more commonly, their mobile phones. Mobile media and entertainment is becoming a huge part of what people use their phones for. It makes sense. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. They are relatively cheap when compared to a laptop, and they are small enough to be conveniently used almost anywhere.

This latest trend is very significant for the media industry. It is a trend which has huge potential for both marketing and revenue, and is fairly easy to capitalize on.

In order to establish how your company can best use mobile media and entertainment to their advantage it is well worth speaking to a specialist company. By using a company that specializes in mobile media and entertainment you will be able to relax in the knowledge that you are doing things in the best possible way.

There are many elements to successful mobile media and entertainment marketing. There are decisions to be made regarding subscription and premium services, mobile tickets, coupons, market analysis as well as t

Art and Entertainment As Economic Development

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Not long ago, I was talking to a Chamber of Commerce president from a local community nearby. I explained that the chamber needed an arts and entertainment committee. A small group to put on community events which would help foster the notoriety of some of our local talent. Out here, we have many artists, authors, entertainers, architects, and designers. Many of them are self-employed, some working out of their home, and they need help with public relations, marketing, and they need to develop their reputations. Not to mention the fact that they would have to join the Chamber of Commerce if they wanted to be part of the group.

What about using art and entertainment as an economic development tool? What about using this sector to help put the city on the map, to let the world know that local talent was the cream of the crop? Why not have an author and artist group, and why not put on an event that all in the community could come and see, and have folks from other places come in as well. It would help them sell their work and it would help with economic development.

Artists and authors are also business people, they are self-employed – so to our architects and designers. And you may be surprised to find that in your own community you have various entertainers, DJs, local bands, and comedians, also self-employed. Promoting small business helps everyone. These folks also need to buy computers, canvas, costumes, and coffee, lots of coffee. You might also have apparel designers, weavers, tapestry makers, and what about all those ladies who make quilts? Trust me when I tell you there are plenty of people in your community who are engaged in these sorts of activities, it’s their own little world, it’s their own business.

Why not promote all of this at the local Chamber of Commerce level, why not promote it as economic development, and allow these people to get together and sell their wares at a local fair or large event? It will bring people into the area, people who will spend money, go to restaurants, and enjoy the day. They will also be buying what all of these artists are producing. And they can enjoy the entertainment while they are here, perhaps even set up a schedule with some of the entertainers for private parties.

Promoting your local small business people, especially the very smallest of businesses, all of these home-based one man or one woma